Survivetvnewsjobs was born in February of 2011.  In that short amount of time, it has become a place where journalists find practical advice to situations they face in newsrooms each day.  It also has become a place to hop online using Twitter and Facebook to share ideas, network and mentor.

All this time, most of you had no idea where the information was coming from.  I was never trying to hide my identity.  I simply wanted the focus to be on the content of the site.  But now, I want to formally introduce myself.  My name is Beth Johnson.  I’m a former EP and producer and the founder of

Why now?  For several reasons.  The website has gained enough exposure that I am getting called out a bit from college professors and industry leaders.  I am also starting to be asked to speak on behalf of TV journalists about issues we face.  And I have also just accepted a job offer, with MediaStars to do something no other agency has tried:  Represent producers and managers, with an ambitious goal, to raise pay, especially for producers and EP’s.  (On air people are welcome to call me also by the way.)  Survivetvnewsjobs will not be used to convince you to get representation.  That is not, never was and never will be the goal.

From day one, this website has been all about sharing practical advice.  It was designed to let journalists have a voice about the industry they love.  Initially, I had contributors who were afraid to put their names on articles for fear of possible conflicts with their employers.  That’s why the website began with no bio.

Then something awesome happened!  Journalists began writing for the website, and were able to safely sign their names.  Newsroom managers started passing out some of the articles and talking about them with staff members.  Professors began passing out articles to discuss with soon to be journos.  The overwhelmingly positive feedback is humbling and inspiring.  I appreciate it immensely, and I respect the trust you have put in this site and in the discussions we have had.

So today, I am sharing what this site has taught me so far.  Just like when I was in the daily grind, journalists need to connect with each other and share ideas. They need to raise a flag if their pay doesn’t seem to match up to their peers.  Journalists need training and support.  Many believe this biz is great and has the potential to be even better.  Newsies are looking for ways to network, so they can help each other grow and make the most of the jobs they love.  This website fulfills an important need.

Survivetvnewsjob will remain, just that:  A place for you to connect, grow and compare notes.  What all of you have created with me is too important to give up.  I will still offer just as many articles and discussions on Twitter and FB.  You will hear about MediaStars in occasional fashion articles, because frankly, so many of you responded, and liked the advice and debates.  You will also see a MediaStars ad banner, but that’s about it.

I am asking for one thing in return.  If you have a topic you are passionate about and can offer positive solutions, submit an article for review or send me your idea.  This website was not designed to be just one person’s voice all the time.  Help keep the discussion going and allow this website to be what it’s always been intended for:  Helping journalists survive their TV news jobs.

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