I have a confession to make.  I love great lines!  I love them so much, I put them on sticky notes and post them all over my desk.  I have a file with some of them.  Some I wrote and just can’t believe they came from my brain.  The vast majority, however, are from other people.  I read them, in awe of what I heard.

The best storytellers in this biz, on and off camera, understand the power of a simple understated line.  This is their signature.  Think about it.  When you reflect on the journalists that inspire you, a line they wrote probably pops into your head.  A moment bursts into your mind.  Those words stay with you.

So why keep these lines all over my desk?  When I am sitting down to write, I look at some of these lines and think “come on, you can do this too.”  Let me make it clear, I do not steal these lines and reuse them.  I use then for inspiration.  I simply read them again and consider the emotion they draw.  I search for irony.  I search for a human connection.  I relish the memory of hearing the line.  This helps me look for the irony, the human connection and the moment in whatever I am writing that day.  The lines help me explain storytelling.

Most of all, the lines remind me why I loved being a journalist and why I still love to write.  Words, stay with you.  Just like me, the viewers can remember the moments.  I want them to have a great line to relish.  I hope this inspires you to come up with some amazing lines of your own.  Something you too can post on a sticky note!


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