Why Create This Site?

Why talk newsroom politics? The stakes are higher than ever before. This cutthroat business is now reaching new heights. You can’t just lick your wounds and wind up at another station in a month. Social media and the crashed economy are making TV news jobs harder than ever to come by. Some J-schools are closing down. Others are reconsidering how they teach television news. Media conglomerates are laying people off or selling off stations. So I  want to help you batten down the hatches and survive.  Veteran journalists are dishing secrets, even though some of the lessons came at a high price.  The goal is to make life easier for you, because some of us had to learn everything the hard way.
This site is designed to draw on our experiences and let you share your own.  It’s no secret there is little to no training in TV news.  You get a job and fight to keep it.  Most of what you learn is done on your own.  We want to help you network and form alliances. Knowledge truly is power.  Look forward to your insights.  In return, please do not list specific station call letters or nicknames, or managers and co-workers names. This is not a site to attack your enemies.  It’s a chance to learn how to outsmart them.

Here is what the founder of the site has learned so far, from the amazing journalists that have joined our discussions on social media. http://survivetvnewsjobs.com/2012/09/24/what-survivetvnewsjobs-has-taught-me-a-note-from-the-founder/


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