Social Awareness

This section is designed to help keep you aware of cases and legal defenses involving journalists use of social media and media companies policies. Check back often. We will update this page consistently.   Knowledge is power!

Here’s a list of social media policies to see trends,

NBC o&o social media policies are setting up debate over how much is too  much?

Why owns your social media account, in this case specifically Twitter.  Read the section on what judge has upheld so far.  Food for thought.


Journalist Barrett Tryon’s incident over a post on his personal Facebook page brings to light how some employers may try to use social media policies to regulate your personal social media sites.

The Communications Decency Act is important to understand.

So is the the National Labor Relations Act,

In May, the Acting General Counsel of the National Labor Relations Board issued an explanation to showcase the board’s position on companies social media policies.  This article spells some of it out.

A news director is criticized for comments on his personal Facebook page.  He later resigned


Proof networking on Twitter can payoff. In this case a gig on a national show.